In tune with the seasons and inspired by the simplicity of Asian art, the delicate ink paintings of self-taught artist, Lucy Augé, capture fleeting moments of nature’s evolution. Known for producing large bodies of life work, collections are exhibited internationally, and Lucy is attracting a loyal following. 


Why paint?

I paint because I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I have painted since an early age and its when I feel totally connected to myself. I once tried to quit being an artist and it felt like the worst heartbreak. There is also a continuing drive inside me to express what I observe and I feel I grow as a person through what I create.

Why flowers?

There is something so pure about a flower and I was drawn to their different shapes. I drew 500 flowers for one of my first exhibitions, to test my artistic practice to the limit and put in the hours to hone in on my draftsmenship skills. For over two years I only drew flowers, it was an intense period in my artistic practice, but through that I became so in-tune with the seasons and the different shapes in plants, and figured out what I was comfortable drawing and where I needed to push myself.

Why tree shadows?

I would say this is my latest leg of my artistic journey and came after burning out. I have always been drawn to trees as they are full of wisdom and canopies of leaves has been something I have wanted to explore in my work. My studio is surrounded by trees and I saw one day the trees reflected into a frame in my studio, it was beautifully abstract but also felt like an apparition that I needed to explore.

Why seasons?

I always paint from life, so the seasons fed into that naturally. I also only sell via a catalogue which I send out at the end of every two seasons. It is my way of documenting what I have come across in nature.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better

- Albert Einstein

Upcoming Show:

13 Etchings - Capturing Light | Botany, London

18 Jan - 12 Mar 2019

Photo by: Remco Merbis