Winter Beech 1 - Etching

etching 1 Lucy Auge.jpg
Scan 1.jpg
etching 1 Lucy Auge.jpg
Scan 1.jpg

Winter Beech 1 - Etching


Edition of 25
Dimensions : 30cm x 39cm

Hand printed by the artist in Somerset onto cotton based German paper.

Each etching will come in a presentation folder. 


My work focuses alot on shadows, and capturing that epheral quality that a shadow has. 

With these etchings I wanted to highlight the opposite to shadows and by using photography I exposed the trees to capture the light instead of the darkness. 

These etchings were inspired by these words from a hymn:
Let there be light

Where there is darkness

Let there be hope

When there is none

Let there be peace

In the midst of sorrow

Let there be love

To bring us back home

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