Sumi ink on Japanese Kozuke paper


Dimensions : 92cm x 66cm

Unique Artwork

This work is unframed. If you would like to have the work framed please get in touch.

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This body of work was borne out of an afternoon in my studio. Following a nap (something which has been happening far too often!) I woke to see shadows of the trees outside on some empty frames by my table. Their silhouette was simple, yet majestic.

With this vision so awoke a new passion for trees.

My studio looks out onto ash, walnut and silver birch trees, the surrounding field bordered by hazel. These trees have been the focus for my latest paintings. I am applying the same openness as I did with my flower works by letting nature set the timings and shapes. In September, shadows would come into my studio at half past three on a sunny day and by five would morph into something completely abstract. In October I had even less time to work with as the sun set earlier and earlier.

I would prep my paper and inks, hang up different branches in front of a west-facing window, and wait for the afternoon light. Often it moved so quickly that each painting was a race against time. By the end of the season, the shadows at the beginning of a painting had changed shape by the end of it.

It often felt as if the shadows were creating the artwork for me and I was merely documenting it.

These paintings capture fleeting, spontaneous moments, the timings of which I have noted on each piece.