BEECH 4:30


BEECH 4:30


Sumi ink on Japanese Ogawa Kozo paper


Dimensions : 63cm x 85cm

Unique Artwork

This work is unframed. If you would like to have the work framed please get in touch.

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With each season, I try to forget what I know, what I’m comfortable with and observe what is in front of me. This summer, I watched the world around me bloom and then, crisp from drought. It’s that brittleness which crept its way into my work, through its lines and strokes.

With the studio transformed into a sauna by the summer heat, I took my work outdoors. The sagging bows of the trees provided shelter, whilst their dappled shade gave me the idea to work with lighter sumi inks, which reflect that feeling of eternal sunshine. The paintings took on a fuller shape, like the vast canopies I worked under. Burgeoning with life, their leaves were aplenty, gratefully basking in the rejuvenating warmth. And it was whilst I worked, I noticed how the passing daylight altered their shadows from sharp and angular to blurred and thick. It’s these shadows which come earlier in the day that I sought, which silhouetted each individual leaf, twig and bud with a divine quality.