Weekly Roundup No.63


i. Huge fan of David Nash and this exhibition coming in May looks set to be a celebration of his work.

ii.  Ordered a few packs of these wildflowers seeds for the field in front of my studio. The wildflower seeds in the mix are sustainably harvested from plants in the UK, so they not only have UK provenance, they also have British origin.

iii.  My friends have started a Crowd Justice to help take legal action on a company that are copying their designs. I do not want their business to suffer because of copycats, so please take a look and see if you can help them.

iv. I sent out my latest catalogue this week if you missed it you can request to see it here.

v. There was no post last week as I was up in London on a sculpture course. I stayed in the good hotel while I was there working. It is a great base camp and I wanted to support the ethos of the hotel. For every booking made on their website, they donate 5 GBP per night to NGO, Niños de Guatemala. I know this sounds like a sponsored post, it isn’t nothing is sponsored, I just like to use what money I have to help a cause along the way.

vi. Films I have seen lately The aftermath, I adored the cinematography and costumes. Bohemian Rhapsody, I love how they overcame the people who doubted them. Lastly Leave no trace, a subtle but beautiful film, It was really delicate how it was filmed, you will have to watch it to know what I mean, I find it hard to explain.