Weekly Roundup No.64


i. My friend in Copenhagen has been tempting me back. Not hard, it is my favourite place. Her latest attempt was the Sonja Ferlov Mancoba exhibition at the SMK.

ii.  I was in London again this week dismantling the show that was on at Botany. The show may be over but the exhibition poster lives on! I am now selling it in my online shop.

iii.  I have donated a piece of work for Horatio’s garden, they have a silent auction every year around Chelsea flower show time. It is an incredible charity glad to help out.

iv. Read this article on lessons learned about turning 30 via Taylor Swift. She has some really interesting points that is why I shared it.

v. Highlight of my week was finally getting to visit London Borough of Jam in Hackney. It is right round the corner from Botany where I have my exhibitions but is always closed when I happen to go up. The jam didn’t disappoint, I am having to order more already!

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