Weekly Roundup No.60


i. This is the second book I have bought from the Pound project. I really love the concept, and how it gives a writer freedom to write what they want!

ii.  Tuck it in - new company discovery making naturally dyed bedding for children.

iii.  At university I never got taught about copyright which I think is a real crime especially as you need to know about it so much when in the creative industry. I bought this book, and I think universities should hand it out on the first day of term instead of some bollocks brief about finding faces in buildings. Am I bitter about my university? yes I am. Was that a real brief? yes it was.

iv. Poem by Mary Oliver - The Journey

v. Eesome is an obsolete English word meaning 'Pleasant on the eye' it is also an online interiors shop, of found ceramics for the home.

vi. I was up in London this week as the Bingham hotel in London have had a refurbishment by Harding and Reed and I was invited to the opening night. And no this isn’t what I do in my evenings just go to random hotel openings in London, it’s because they bought a major piece of my work which now hangs in the entrance of the hotel. Hazel canopy in Spring now resides in Richmond, London.

vii. Love my english films here is a new discovery : Old Boys

viii. A slow odyssey of the Great wall of china. Was a challenge to watch as it was so relaxing I kept falling asleep. The bits I did watch were fascinating, I hope they do more documentaries like this.

ix. While in London went to see the Tracey Emin exhibition in White Cube. I think she is so brave, how open she is about her life and what has happened to her .

x. Visited the Bonnard exhibition with Alexandra Noble a really incredible garden designer whose work I had seen and loved at Hampton Court flower show last year. This exhibition was colour medicine, my eyes felt brighter after leaving.

Weekly RoundupLucy Auge