Weekly Roundup No.62


i. New food discovery : Golubka Kitchen

ii.  I have been wanting to create a new instagram account for ages for my prints and archive work. I didn’t really like balancing the past and present all in one account. Go follow : @Atelier_auge

iii.  I have been consuming a lot of podcasts and audiobooks this week as I am spending most of my time painting trying to get the latest catalogue ready for March 1st. The How to Fail podcast, with guest Pandora Sykes was a really good episode. And any podcast episodes with Cal Newport he has some interesting views on the digital age.

iv. Cal Newport - Company of One is the book on my Audible at the moment.

v. Finally made it to Kettles yard, it is a 6 hour journey there and back from Bath, so it is a commitment to do. However the hype was worth it, what a sense of place had such spirit. I have taken hundreds of photos to try and capture all the things that caught my eye. I have already made plans to go back in the Summer as I fell in love with Cambridge also.

vi. When in Cambridge no matter the month go try Jack’s Gelato.

Weekly RoundupLucy Auge