Weekly Roundup No.61


i. When up in London last week I came across Re.Mind studio. It is a meditation studio, i love the interiors and will definitely be popping back as I am always up for meetings I think this will be a great way to bring more calm t the day.

ii.  I found out about this company via Sebastian Cox’s instagram stories. Its a dairy that keeps the calves with the mothers to save distress. I love this idea, postage is high so I am clubbing together with friends to place an order. Hoping this method will catch on.

iii.  Another good Samaritan thing I am doing is giving blood. I ‘ve never given blood as I am so squeamish, but after sitting with my grandpa in hospital back in December while he had his blood transfusions meant he was able to be in less pain and give us a little more time with him.

iv. You may be enjoying (or maybe not) these black and white photos I use for my journal posts. I shoot in black and white as it hides my inability on knowing how to use a camera. This year I am determined to rectify that and am joining courses and workshops to learn. Carolyn carters photography workshop being one of them.

v. Watched this short interview with Peter Doig interesting what he says about the art market.

vi. Monty Don’s Japanese Garden . Perfect nearly spring tv watching.

vii. I have started selling some prints with The Room Service. It is a site to recreate the look of design lead hotels.

p.s I think that cushion in the photo has seen better days…

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