Weekly Roundup No.59


i. We have a snow day here today in Bath, about 25cm of snow where I live. I have already been out for a walk (check out my instagram stories) to see my favourite spots transformed by snow.

ii.  There is a brilliant documentary on BBC iplayer at the moment with Antony Gormley : How art began . I have always been fascinated by prehistoric art and why they made it, if it had no practical reason why centuries ago were we creating.

iii.  Listened to this episode on the Deliciously Ella podcast: Lessons in happiness around the world.

iv. Discovered a new podcast about art via Selfridges of all places. The first episode about copycat art is so thought provoking.

v. Planning on walking up Snowdonia this year so while researching places to stay in Wales came across this cool supper club called the Bridge lodge. They host supper clubs focusing on bringing flavours of the landscape to life.

vi. One day I will eventually up sticks from the beautiful field my studio is currently in and move the studio to a new location as soon as I get my mortgage through. Till that day arrives I am bookmarking pieces for when I have a house of my own. I came across this ceiling light made from seaweed, how cool! I would love it if I could make fill my home with sustainable pieces. With my studio as much as I could I bought vintage or commissioned pieces to be made by someone who makes there living from making. Just trying to be more thoughtful with what I spend my money on.

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