Weekly Roundup No.57


i. Drove up to London to set up my show at Botany the traffic was so bad managed to finish a whole audio book! This one to be precise, total game-changer for life I feel.

ii.  Botany have written a blog post about the work for the show.

iii.  To avoid peak traffic on the way home, booked myself into a workshop. I have gone a little workshop mad at the moment so expect to see me listing more in the future. I made a vase on Phil Cuttances workshop, so much fun.

iv. I have amended the postage prices for my exhibition posters they are now £4 for UK signed for delivery on all A3 & A2 posters and £6 for all A1 posters.

v. Want a bit more hope? I have started subscribing to Positive news. I really like this article about the clean sweep.

vi. Want even more hope?? Then give a listen to an interview with Steven Pinker on the Goop podcast really insightful interview.

vii. Going to give these flower remedies a go.

vii. Its the 18th of Jan and I have already had two Viruses this year! so trying to heal the gut to help my immune system. Found out about Fermented Lab for this, can’t wait for my first delivery.

ix. New newsletter discovery : The Good trade.

Weekly RoundupLucy Auge