Guide to: Bath, Somerset


I do like it when people ask me where to go in Bath or in London as I guess from my instagram that is where I am seen most. Bath is actually my home town where I have lived on the outskirts all my life. It is a beautiful city and I do forget how lucky I am to live here, I wonder sometimes if it is the same for the people of Venice if they forget they live in a beautiful city also. Bath has changed so much over the years we have definitely lost a lot of independent shops and restaurent for sure, and we seem to be over run by chains and mobile phone shops! However we do have some gems and I think more are to come.


Beckford Bottle Shop. This is my favourite spot right now, it only does small plates but they are really good and they have a great atmosphere.

Noya’s Kitchen. If I need to go somewhere for lunch this is the place I will go, quick, affordable and consistent with their flavours and quality.

Society Cafe There are many other cafes in Bath but I wouldn’t know as I always come here. I love their Chai latte and buzzy vibe.

Comins Tea If you are more of a tea drinker this is a really great place to come. They source their teas internationally so have interesting varieties.


Found One of the coolest independent shops in Bath, I come here for the great card selection and rococo chocolates.

Magalleria The best selection of magazines.

Toppings & Company Booksellers If I have time to spare I will usually be in here looking at books. They also host events for authors.

Hay Never understood why Hay put a shop in Bath, but they did and its great, solves all my gift giving problems.

Melanie Giles I have my haircut here, but they do treatments also. You should go check it out for the interiors alone.


Just walking around Bath I would say is enough to take in the sites and it is pretty small you can easily do it in a day. Go early to the Royal Crescent especially in the summer because it is always packed.

Roman Baths There are other sites to see, but the Roman Baths are my favourite to recommend as it is very tranquil and ancient. Again always packed, however in the summer it is open till 9pm I went there once in the evening and practically had it to myself.

Picture Credit: Adiran Campbell-Howard @adrianslens