Weekly Roundup No.54


I knew by taking time off I may have a few new ideas for work come in to my mind but over this past week I have had masses. A combination of no instagram and my daily walks in nature has meant my mind is totally clear. In a way I am being bombarded by thoughts and new processes to explore. I have already booked my self onto some workshops in London to explore the new direction in sculpture which most of my new ideas have been based on.

i. I will be sending out my next newsletter in January. I read somewhere email accounts have had some changes so I think most newsletters are now just automatically going to junk, yay! By adding me to your email address book they will no longer end up there. If they are still going there check this list of things to do, so you never miss a new catalogue of my work.

ii.  I always read Daisy Buchanans articles on The Pool, I especially like her latest article.

iii.  Listened to the episode with Lacy Phillips on Joan Podcast a few times. I have been a fan of Free and Native since 2014 so it was nice to hear her on a different style of podcast.

iv. Time off for me is mainly spent watching movies as they really switch my brain off. I saw Mary Poppins returns on Christmas Eve, I really loved it, I thought the imagination was incredible. I know some people compare it to the first, but as I am not really into comparison I was able to watch it and really enjoy it.

v. Green Book I would say is the best film I have seen all year. It is one of those films I could of re-watched straight after finishing it.

vi. Waiting for my copy of In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro Taanizaki to arrive. I get recommended this book so much, I thought I better give it ago.

vii. I have reverted back to film when taking photos as I want to be more mindful of what I am taking. And use my phone camera for work. I came across these two Lomography disposable cameras which I plan on using on my road trips next year.

viii. I did watch the film Beast. I loved the cinematography and had some really great moments in it, but the ending is confusing, I even googled it and goole seemed confused too.

ix. Listening to Coniugati Passeggiare - Dente . Reminds me of the amazing summer weather we had this year.

Picture Credit: Photo by Lucy Auge.