Weekly Roundup No.53


I am taking two weeks off over Christmas starting today. Emails off, no instagram, basically no outside noise. I have never done this as I hate emails pilling up, and the idea of a huge to do list to come back to makes me agitated. Also the constant feeling if I disappear from social media I will be forgotten, a very melodramatic outlook but I know others who feel the same too. However time is precious and I want to recenter myself, to allow new ideas to come through. As each time I have been at the studio my work has been a struggle it hasn’t been flowing, and I know this is usually from brain fatigue. I have planned trips to the coast and a trip to Westonbirt Arboretum to recenter and feed my brain. The only type of work I want to do is jotting down new ideas as I find when I clear all the distractions I have so many of them. I am still focusing on sculpture at the moment, I have been asking my friend who is good at carpentry how best to work with wood and make it structurally sound. I have also decided to take a sabbatical from shows in 2019 and only have the show at Botany next year, there is too much I want to explore with my work and preparing work to go into a show is a very time consuming and costly business.

i. Favourite song this week is a festive one: The Staves - Home alone, too

ii.  When in London I tend to walk everywhere. This time I was walking along the Southbank and passed by the Icebergs outside the Tate Modern. How wonderful are they? I would like them as a sculpture in my garden. I have never seen a blue like it.

iii. Visited the RA to see the Klimt and Schiele exhibition. I was blown away by their sketches, because of the unbelievable skill it takes to create something so subtle yet bold at the same time and have this not as the final piece but the process and have it be so exquisite.

iv. The RA shop has had a total makeover, I really like the attention to detail in its point of sale. These earrings are on my list…just need to get my ears pierced first.

v. The Taylor Wessing Photographic exhibition at the NPG is one of my favourites to go to each year. There will always be a photo there that can bring me to tears or really make me feel something. There was alot of photos of children this year, a few of survivors of Grenfell and the eyes of the children pierced through your heart.

vi. I ate at Sticks and Sushi when in London, it was so good. Even happier that I have found out they have a restaurant in Oxford as I am planning a trip there next year.

vii. One of my favourite shops in London is Choosing and Keeping, and it has now moved to a new location in Seven Dials. Which is wonderful as it is more accessible. The store is beautiful looks so slick and as always Julia has sourced incredible items to fill it.

viii. I am now selling my bespoke frames for my prints in my webshop. They are made by my local framer in my village out of Tulip wood.

Picture Credit: Photo by Lucy Auge.