Weekly Roundup No.52


One thing I would really like to sort out next year is my time management, at the moment it is pretty shit. I feel like I am constantly busy but never really getting anything done. It is due to my lack of balance with maintaining the admin side of things and then blocking enough time to work on new paintings. I am not having many shows next year. This is a conscious decision to reign it in, rather than not being asked by people. Another reason for reigning it in, I am working on a major collaboration with a company which will be launching in September 2019. So spreading myself to thin is not an option for next year. I have to fight with the part of myself if I don’t say yes to an opportunities it wont come back around. I think this is a deeply imbedded self employed/artist mental state that gets conditioned. I am being braver and slowly breaking free from this and putting my needs first, which at the moment is needing to carve out time to create new paintings.

i. It is the last few days to get orders in of prints and posters in time for Christmas. It is a lovely thought to know so many of you have put one of my prints on your Christmas list.

ii.  The Little Bird newsletter did a nice round up of exhibitions coming next year. So many I am looking forward to already, Olafur Eliasson and Elizabeth Peyton to name a few.

iii.  I don’t wear nail polish but if I did I would want something from J.Hannah, I adore the colours and just the names could sell it to me alone.

iv. This weeks episode of the podcast The High Low touched on the point I made in last weeks post, about online trolls. They had some interesting viewpoints, also interesting how it gives them anxiety to. Worth a listen.

v. If you don’t know this magazine already, I really love reading Milk magazine, they have one on food, motherhood and interiors.

Picture Credit: Photo by Lucy Auge.