Weekly Roundup No.51


I have placed my sculptures in the field in front of my studio and after looking at them basically everyday new ideas have sparked from it. So I started investigating sources for materials, and the farmers who rent the field next to mine, are cutting down a cedar tree soon and have agreed to save blocks from it for me and they know a person who runs a quarry so I can source Bath stone. I want to keep everything either found, local or native to my area, as that is how I like to work with all my other pieces I create. I really like the feeling of adding a new element to my working process.

i. I have been investigating gifts for people (and for myself), so its all very product heavy this week. Socks for Christmas? such a cliche but Jollie socks donates a pair of socks to the homeless for every pair bought. When buying items now I really want to be conscious if it benefits someone, am I buying from an independent shop owner, am I buying from a maker, or if I buy it will it support the maker, does some of the proceeds go to charity etc.

ii. Went to see the opening night of the night cracker live streamed from the Royal opera house to my local cinema. It was incredible production I almost felt I was watching it in the flesh if it wasn’t for the man snoring behind me. Marianela Nunez was cast as the sugar plum fairy, what incredible talent I could watch her for hours. Video of her dancing in swan lake can give you a taste.

iii. Further on my point about buying, is buying classic design built to last. I have seen a real trend for buying pieces which are seen as statement pieces to fill your home. Skandium is always a place I look at for these kind of items. I currently want this lamp.

iv. I have a Roros Tweed blanket for the studio, it is so incredible and they have beautiful designs. Looking to adding this one to the studio also.

v. This morning I read Daisy Buchanans article on the pool and agreed with her suggestion for instagram to stop horrible messages coming through; ‘I would like the following message to have appeared before any of my abusers got in touch: “The person you are messaging does not follow you. Your message will be monitored for abuse. If the recipient reports this message, your account will be suspended.’ It is too easy to get trolled online these days, by total strangers. I did speak about getting trolled this year and it was awful, it has filled me with anxiety ever since that anything you say/do could be taken offence. I would love to see some change around how trolls are dealt with online.

Picture Credit: Photo by Lucy Auge.

Weekly RoundupLucy Auge