Weekly Roundup No.56


From now on I will be writing a monthly post of what has been happening in the studio. As i want to reflect on that month in depth. I will stick to my weekly roundups as I like doing it and also I do feel what people interact with is what shapes them, so even if I am listing something fickle it still feeds what i do in some way.

i. Had one of those perfect long lunches with my friends Esme Winter at the chapel. Where we hatched plans for the new year.

ii.  While in Bruton popped into Hauser and Wirths new gallery dedicated to craft. Its tiny but beautifully executed.

iii.  My friend Esme was wearing this scarf. I have since ordered one for myself.

iv. If you are signed up to the newsletter or follow me on instagram you will of seen the new exhibition poster for my upcoming show at Botany starting on the 18th of January. This poster will be sold via Botany shop for the duration of the show.

v. I have got requests to host a workshop, but I have no idea what to teach, if there is something that comes to mind let me know. Would you be interested if I did one on how to paint flowers?

vi. The breadwinner is now available on amazon prime. Sunday watching sorted.

vii. New music discovery: Rosie Carney