Weekly Roundup No.55


Over my two week break I wont lie I have been pretty bored. As much as I have tried I am not a couch potato, and after one week of walks, seeing friends and going to the cinema I found myself going back to the studio and tinkering about. One thing I did do on my break is get into a routine of an hours walk in the morning through my local countryside, to empty my brain out after doing emails and admin. My walks have been a great way to reflect on experiences of the past year and really get clear of how I want to change things, and live the carer I want, not what is conditioned. This year I will only check my emails between the hours of 7-10am Mon - Fri. I had no boundaries/balance with admin and my studio time last year. Other things include I don’t want to put on private views with my shows as I really don’t enjoy them. I am usually pretty tired by the time the private view comes round from preparing for the show and I rather meet people one to one. There is other things I want to change, even the way I write this journal post every week. This will all come in time and I will evolve along with my art.

i. New years day I drove to Osmington bay in Dorset. It is a huge point of inspiration to me. The beach I go to is behind the pub down some very steep steps. There are huge boulders there all different colours with beautiful textures. I was there to get the sea air and soak in the negative ions, while sketching for new sculptures I am going to be making over the next few months.

ii.  Watching : Judi Dench , My passion for trees.

iii.  Also Watching : Raymond Briggs documentary on the BBC