Weekly Roundup No. 6


I couldn't really say what I have been up to this week, as it has gone by so quickly I know I squeezed in two Christmas parties and a friends wedding! Apart from the Christmas celebrations my main focus was preparing the show up in Botany in London. I was up in London curating the show with Angela deciding where everything would go. We also planned out the private view event on the 19th of January a very relaxed meet and greet afternoon, more details to follow.  

i.  I already missed out on this jumper from The White Company, but still hope for the Cos scarf.  

ii. Bought this book, about the value of art from the RWA when I was in Bristol the other day. I want to understand the field I am in, and this is a simple book to read but is rich in facts. I recommend artists to read this to understand more about the value of art.

iii.  Realised I managed to make it to the cinema too! Saw the new Star Wars. Yoda had some wise words, 'failure is our greatest teacher'. Good old Yoda so knowing. Those words really hit home, a lot of the time I feel like I am doing everything wrong. However hearing those words from a little green imaginary character made me see that everything I do has come out of doing something wrong.

iv.  Made my day to see I was mentioned on the Marbury, as I am their favourite instagram account to follow.

v.  I only have a few postcards left! they have flown out.  I will be doing new sets int the new year. My shop is going on holiday from the 25th of Dec - 12th of Jan. I tried to get my family to man it while I am away, but I think it could get chaotic. So any orders placed between now and the 12th will be shipped on the 13th of January.

vi. Monocle 24: Section D episode on design 71. Is the podcast episode I rate this week, firstly as it has my friends Esme Winter on talking about gift wrapping. Highly recommend the interview with Burton Kramer, his views on the current art and design world, I totally agree with.

vii. I really like Hole & Corners new website. I feel they are really in their stride for their brand and ethos. Really interesting articles on there.

Picture : Photo of my studio by Remco Merbis.

Lucy Auge