Weekly Roundup No. 5


This week I have been preparing for my show in January at Botany in London (8th of Jan-28th of Feb). I love working with Angela she has an eye for detail and a big heart which are two qualities I look for when working with people. We have exciting plans for the show so stay tuned.

i. I was pretty excited to see that I was selected by Etsy Uk and Harriet Stewart fashion editor of Elle as their top picks for their Christmas gift guide. 

ii. This book, is definitely doing the rounds at the moment on social media as the cover is so on point. However I do actually want it, I love learning about Japanese gardens they have so much philosophy. 

iii.  Finally made my way to see the Grayson Perry exhibition at the Arnolfini. His work on mass looks so strong. I also listened to Grayson on the reasons to be cheerful podcast. As always he had such an honest discussion and valid points about culture. 

iv.  I was also in Bristol having a meeting with Studio Cotton. We first met at a creatives networking event called the Yonder collective. Aime is incredibly intelligent and was talking to me about SEO optimisation, how to get my website running faster, plus much more. Believe me there is much more to being an artist then just going to things that inspire you and creating the work. Talking to Studio Cotton gave me lots of knowledge on ways to improve.

v.  Few other bits from my trip to Bristol. Papersmiths in Clifton always worth a visit. They have a pop up shop upstairs called Two Palms which sells very trendy spiritual items. I held back as I don't need anymore crystals in my life, its an addiction. Had a nice home cooked Japanese meal at Yume on Cotham hill

vi. My postcards also made an appearance on the Little Green Shed seasonal rituals post. 

vii. Just finished reading the interview with Damien Hirst in the Sunday Times magazine. I try reading things that I feel I already have an opinion about, and see by reading if my eyes are opened to a new perspective. I do this so I don't become set in my ways. The article was very honest, I highly recommend popping out and buying The Times.

Picture : Justin Chung found here.

Lucy Auge