Weekly Roundup No. 4


As Brene Brown would say I showed up this week, and showed my vulnerability. I put an announcement via instagram that I am looking for an art agent or a publicist someone to help me with my business. It is not failing by any means it is growing! and I need help with it. I would love to employ someone but I can't the studio soaked up all my savings, and nearly everything needed to be replaced this year, camera, laptop, terms of lease, you name it hefty bills came in, hence me not putting on a physical show this year as I couldn't afford to. I have sent many emails, knocked on many doors to try and get someone to represent me, but the rejection left me with doubt about my work why no one would want me. So I stopped asking and carried on, achieving great things by myself. I know though I can't sustain it, I fall asleep quite a lot as I am tapped out. And the balance of trying to get in new opportunities, out ways me doing what I do best, creating the work. I do enjoy both sides don't get me wrong, I love networking, reading business books, thinking of new ways to get seen. I am though, raising my hand hoping someone will grab it and help with that side of things.

i. I was up in London for the Monochrome Exhibition at the National gallery. I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition as it was about skill rather than a particular artist or movement in art. It really showed you how talented some artists are, and how it is about mastering a skill at the end of the day. 

ii. Popped into the Cezanne's exhibition at the NPG. I just couldn't connect with it, the paintings are miserable. as my mum said who I was there with 'does he hate who he is painting?' I am not saying I need a happy painting, I also saw the Taylor Wessing Photographic Exhibtion while there and most of that was very heavy material. So I am not saying I only rate it if it makes me feel happy. The show was just room upon room of sullen people, in very morbid colours, all very lifeless. On a lighter note I spotted Cezanne's Objects, a book they were selling in the gift shop, and it is probably my favourite artist book I have seen in a long. All his objects in his studio photographed and you really see a pattern of what he is drawn to. I hope they do more of this type of book for other artists.  

iii. Lift off! My collaboration with Esme Winter is now available from their website.   

iv.  Okatsune secateurs are on my list to buy next year. It will be useful, when I am collecting branches to paint in my studio. I also spotted them on Wood & Meadow, they have a nice selection of nature inspired items. 

v.  Another podcast recommendation is to listen to Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker of Me & Orla. I also read her blog and this article stood out for me.

vi. Started this post with Brene Brown going to end with mentioning her again. This video on trust is the best advice I have heard all year.

Picture : C├ęcile Daladier found here.

Lucy Auge