Weekly Roundup No. 3


It has been a really productive week, booking events for 2018. Some I can't speak of just yet as I like to have the confirmation in my hands till I share the news. One I can say is there are whispers of a wallpaper being made of my work!

i. As I have ploughed all my money into my business, my weekly yoga lessons have seen the financial chop. I now do weekly yoga lessons online for free! via Yoga with Adriene. Love them.

ii. Come to me whistles fleecy number

iii. I wish I had thought of this idea. Katrin Moye, recreating ceramics that are seen in famous paintings. I think this idea is genius and magical.

iv.  Anna Leone - I Never Really , song on repeat.

v. I prefer doing my stories on instagram at the moment, and watching other people I follow stories. Its more down to earth, anyone else feel this way? Here are two articles giving instagram story hacks that have been useful to me. Article one & Article two.

vi. The last of my Kraft tape have flown the nest and gone to Nothing but Navys pop up shop in Stroud, and depending on stock levels will be taken to Soho Farmhouse for their pop up there this coming weekend. Find more info on their instagram page.

Picture : Pinterest

Lucy Auge