Weekly Roundup No. 39


I have been asked by two people now, why don't I use a lamp to get my shadows to paint with. And before they had mentioned it, I hadn't even thought about it, even though it would probably make my life easier! I have been a total slave to the sun with my tree shadow work, waiting till it comes and hits my studio at around 4 O'clock, shining through casting shadows on whatever branch I have found to hang up. For me its all part of the process, a bit like how Andy Goldsworthy sticks his leaves to the stone with water, rather than making his life easier and using it with glue, as they wouldn't get blown off so easily. Also, he has found his process and that is part of the work also, maybe the most important part. For me it is about capturing that ephemeral moment, that sun casts, and that this will change depending on the season as the sun changes its position etc thus changing the image it will create. I love to keep things very natural, honest and organic with my work, even though I do think sometimes when I am waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds that I am being an idiot. This winter I am planning some paintings to be with different lighting as when I spoke about it with my friend Huw, it really struck some ideas up in my mind what I could do. However for now, I will carry on chasing the sun.

i. Pretty worn out at the moment from work so haven't made it out to the cinema so again watching Curzon cinema at home, this weeks movie is Cold War. 

ii.  I get alot of questions about the items I have in my studio the main one is about the rugs. Here is the link to them.

iii.  Watched the film Funny Cow this week. Superbly acted, quite heartbreaking at times.

iv.  Japan house is on my list to visit next time I go up to London. Love the look of the bento boxes in their restaurant.

v. New trailer caught my eye: The Favourite

vi. Found this book in a charity shop for a pound! can't wait to read it.

Picture: studio detail. 

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