Weekly Roundup No. 40


i. Trying to donate to charity whenever I can, came across Smalls for All which I recently donated too.

ii.  I really can’t get enough of Dolly Aldertons writing at the moment, she seems to be able to summarise the things that people shouldn’t really talk about as they are are scared of sounding negative. However she does it in a way, that she makes her point with humour but doesn’t loose its purpose.

iii.  Mes Amis deli, isn’t to far away from my studio, it is my number one lunch time takeway food. You can sit in and eat but its always full!

iv.  If you read this journal regularly you will know I totally fell in love with Denmark this year. Planning a trip again in a few months. Want to visit Louisiana Museum again they have an intriguing exhibition on all about the moon.

v. Listening to this podcast this week.

vi. Finally got round to listening to the book how to break up with your phone. As soon as I finished I re-listened to it. I was really quite shocked by the effects it is having on us. For months now I have been working out ways that I am not on it so much, and trying other ways to not have instagram as my sole networking area. This book has propelled me to work harder on separating the two.

vii. I am featured in the latest issue of Eden magazine. Its a Belgian magazine, the design is so beautiful, I love the photography can’t wait till my issue arrives in the post.

Picture: My desk in my studio, shot by me.

Weekly RoundupLucy Auge