Weekly Roundup No. 37


This week has been very busy so putting it into bullet points.

i. Had a meeting this week with Esme Winter about expanding our collaboration. I love working with this duo, can't wait to see what we come up with next. Already so proud of the cards we have created already. Love that they are letterpressed, recycled paper and printed by an independent business in England.

ii.  Dropped some paintings off at a clients house in Berkshire. I have never been to Berkshire, was really interesting to see the different stone they use there. The client's house had a chapel in the grounds with the exterior made out of flint, such an interesting material. I was shown around the garden and I was given some Japanese crabapple branches, was lovely to be given some of this as I hope I can transform it into a lovely painting.

iii.  Another meeting I had this week was with Opal Print. I have been using them for years on different projects. I am creating some new prints with them. I love that their company is carbon neutral, and they use eco friendly inks.

iv.  By looking at the size of their Instagram following I am very late to the game at discovering Haarkon, a blog interested in exploring.

v. I watched the latest TV offering from Grayson Perry, Rites of passage. I feel it doesn't compare to the epic series he did on class or masculinity but I still love his viewpoints.

vi. From running around too much I got the dreaded summer cold... but on the plus, I sat down for a whole day and soaked up the wonderful series which is the Detectorists.

vii. I posted on my instagram stories about the Greek mountain herb 'Sideritis' tastes like sage but related to mint. I use it as a herbal infusion to combat colds and it really works. I found mine by accident in a cafe in London in Hackney, but I see they sell it on Trouva.

viii. I have saved the best till last there is an interview published on Dig Delve about me. Huw came to my studio last week to interview me and take photos, I am over the moon by the article, go have a read.

Picture: Photo by Huw Morgan for Dig Delve

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