Weekly Roundup No. 36


What a lovely week it has been, I haven't had any other work commitments so I have just been able to focus on my painting. I have been experimenting with new Japanese papers that I got in. However none have worked out, the ink bleeds too much, or some of them have made the ink separate. So I am going back to the original Japanese papers I have been using before as I feel that time is running out to get paintings from summer complete. I always like to experiment and test out new things, but I am feeling this need to repeat the materials I am using so I can refine what I am painting. 

i. Finally got round to watching the Vivienne Westwood documentary. I loved seeing footage of her early shows, and the way she is an outlier. I watched it on amazon prime. 

ii.  Also on Amazon prime was a film called Zoe, I really liked it very new age. Have been listening to the soundtrack by Dan Romer ever since. 

iii.  I will definitely be going on more Instagram breaks as i watched yet another film! This one has really sent the cogs turning in my head as I found it so mesmerizing. Leaning into the wind, a film about Andy Goldsworthy. The way he looks at the world is so inspiring, and I love that he has his daughter working with him now also, I found that really heartwarming. 

iv.  Next two films I would like to watch is the Piet Ouldof Film Five Seasons and one a friend recommended to me The Kindergarten Teacher.

v. The Molina at the studio has now decided to perk up! But my mind is made up and I have decided to move them home where they can have a better life away from the red ant infestation that is going on in my field. I want to grow pumpkins! They are my favourite plant to grow, I have visions of them romping away up the field. I have my eye on some seeds from The Real Seed Company which have some unusual varieties. 

vi. Mentioned this podcast last week: Grow with Soul by Kayte Ferris . I have now listened to all of them and I really like her style of 'slow marketing', do take a listen. 

Picture: Studio Detail by Remco Merbis

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