Weekly Roundup No. 35


I did have a post planned about what I have been up to this week. However, I have changed my mind and keeping it simple and just listing my findings this week. I had another awful trolling on Instagram, and because I am feeling more emotional due to things going on in my personal life, I took it really hard. I can't deal with any more triggers, It brings up all those emotions from childhood from being bullied at school for being yourself and not understanding why you are being treated this way. I now get anxious about checking my Instagram to see what comments will be there, so I have deleted it off my phone for a while and taking a break. So if you don't receive any replies on Instagram this is why. 

i. Watched this fascinating programme on Italy's invisible cities.

ii.  I am going to keep 40-60% off on the Etsy shop till everything goes, there isn't much left, and then I will be shutting the shop down.

iii.  Old market plants have a pop-up shop in Toast, Bath. Great plants and pots on offer.

iv.  A favourite cookbook of mine 26 grains, has a great newsletter. I recommend signing up, they mention restaurants to try. 

v. Watts Gallery has posted a little bio about me on their website to coordinate with the group show I am currently exhibiting in. 

vi. New podcast discovery: Grow with Soul by Kayte Ferris

vii. I have been thinking about moving to Denmark for some time but before I do I am going to look at Sweden. Taiga Press has a great guide to where to go. I plan on going in November so any other recommendations where to visit or where to stay let me know. 

Picture: Studio Detail by Remco Merbis

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