Weekly Roundup No. 33


Started the week off by driving to London and collecting my work from the Garden Museum. With all shows, you learn something new what to do for next time what you can leave out etc. Rest of the week was spent in the studio, I am creating new paintings not primarily on shadows as we have had such a beautiful summer, the light has been incredible I felt it would be unnatural if I didn't focus in on that. Also painting at Dan & Huws garden, it is filled with the most incredible specimens, I needed to incorporate them in some way. The style of paintings are totally new for me, so I am still trying to master the style of them. Experimenting with different mediums, scales etc. The tree shadows at first felt very uncomfortable to paint then I got the hang of it, knowing what time of day was best to paint, what paper worked best etc. I think it is always good to push yourself to explore. I have set myself an Autumn deadline to finish off the paintings and start prepping for the next catalog.

i. Listened to a new podcast called How To Fail with Elizabeth Day.

ii.  Came across Kirstie Van Noort via the Hole and Corner newsletter (which is very good). She makes wonderful pots with a story behind them based around research. Her whole aesthetic is beautiful. 

iii.  The large tulip prints are now £8 each, still trying to make room for my new projects coming in September, everything must go!

iv. I adore this article on Dig Delve about the Night garden. Capturing plants by night, genius. 

v. Spotted this article about Blenheim Palaces original garden revealed because of the heat wave drying out the lawn. 

Picture: Studio Detail by Remco Merbis