Weekly Roundup No. 32


Last year I buried my head in the sand, as so many things were happening book-keeping got pushed to one side, I made sure invoices were paid and receipts were all kept in month order. But that was all I had done, so this week was all about bookkeeping. I was house sitting friends place looking after their animals, I brought my accounts along and cracked on and went through everything, every penny spent and basically got my shit together. I am now using quick books accounting software it is incredible and has a package for self-employed people. Like everyone I worry about money, even though I am happy in what I do, that doesn't mean that being an artist can be an expensive hobby, I have to make it work for me. This week may have drained my brain but it has given me a boost of energy in what I need to change in my business, which I find quite exciting. 

i. My friend had this incense in her house, and it made the place smell so nice.

ii.  Love island is my guilty pleasure and this podcast has some brilliant commentary on the programme. Its by the same people who host Badass Women's hour, another podcast I am currently listening to.

iii.  Spotted this exhibition at the Ikon gallery in Birmingham. I have never been to the gallery let alone Birmingham. Hope to plan a trip as the exhibition sounds really interesting.

iv. Managed to arrange Uk postage for £1 on my postcards, so that is now in place. 

Picture: Studio Detail by Remco Merbis