Weekly Roundup No. 29

Garden Museum Preview09.jpg

I am really enjoying writing these journal posts so I can reflect each week on what I have been up to, and for the other reason, I can get to the end of the week and of forgotten. My friend from Germany who I went to school with came over to stay and we visited our old school. It was weird to see how much the art block had changed, half the classroom was now computers, made me quite sad to see this. We are on computers all the time, art is the one time at school we can express with our hands. After having two lovely days off with my friend I returned to work and arrived at the studio and the police were there. The tractor barn right next to my studio was opened up like a tin can and all the contents removed, they even took the wellington boots! It is never a nice feeling to know that you are being watched and then targeted. We are hoping they don't come back. The end of the week went really well I was invited to have a stall at The Bazaar in London, a celebration of women in business and craftsmanship. I don't do fairs or anything but this I will definitely return too. I am already planning what I will create for the next fair, should be in October/November time.

i. I ate at the Fat Radish in Frome last Sunday, it was simple and seasonal.

ii.  Studio Cotton has written some great posts on her blog lately. Really useful for small businesses. 

iii.  The Calder exhibition at Hauser and Wirth Somerset was really good. I never knew how much of his work was inspired by nature. 

iv. Discovered the Unpopped podcast, via the High Low show.

v.  I have booked to go see Matt Haig talk at Toppings. If you haven't read his books yet, definitely start with reasons to stay alive.

vi. There is now 60% off my tulip prints online, and a 25% off other pieces.  

Picture: Exhibition detail of my work at the Garden Museum, taken by Anna Jacobsen