Weekly Roundup No. 28


When planning any private view it always seems to go hand in hand with the question will anyone turn up? Luckily for my private view at the Garden Museum, people did, and I thank you all for coming. As my nerves which I was told were well masked on the night, had really got the better of me this time. I barely ate all day, constantly clock watched, and even when people were arriving I could still feel my hand gripping my glass shaking ferociously.  The event only lasted an hour and a half but it all had become a blur, only when Christina who works at the Garden museum said we will be closing the bar in 15minutes, I knew that time had raced by. I was so touched to see so many people who came out to support me and also gobsmacked by the effort people had gone to, to make it there, one person had flown back from a job in Edinburgh to make the event. Apart from nearly having a nervous breakdown about whether people would turn up or not, I did really enjoy myself and it was really eye-opening to get face to face feedback of what people think about your work, what they like, how it speaks to them. I hired Anna Jacobsen of We are Here Now to capture the event so I will do another post to share the photos soon. 

i. If you did miss the event I am back up in London next Saturday for the Bazaar, where I will be exhibiting my new etchings. I am there all day so do come and say hello. 

ii.  Some of you asked where I got my dress I was wearing at my private view, it is a floral number from Anthropologie

iii.  I really like reading Michelle Ogundehin's blog. This article about the high street she really nails key points on the head. Definitely worth reading. 

iv. Flo Morrissey is my favorite singer and she posted a snippet of this hopefully new song which I already can't stop listening to. 

v. Another piece I have been listening to this week: Anjos - Julianna Barwick

vi. Bought the new issue of The New Story from Magalleria in Bath. Its one of those independent magazines that have the right balance of interesting photography and articles you actually want to read. 

vii. I am taking an actual day off today and finally getting round to reading Eat Up by Ruby Thandoh, cooking a BBQ and probably napping most of the day. British summer time is at its best right now. 

viii. Lastly when up in London I ate at the Garden Museum Cafe, which has excellent food. And at Bun House in Soho one of my favorite restaurants for the food and the incredible decor. Go downstairs where they do a set clay pot menu. 

Picture: Studio Detail by Remco Merbis