Weekly Roundup No. 27


Last week was pretty epic, on Monday I headed up to London as it was Varnishing day at the R&A where all the artists who made it into the Summer exhibition are invited to come and view the work. 25,000 people entered this year's exhibition and only 1,200 pieces are on display, still pinching myself I got in. One memory that will stick in my mind was the frenzy around the free buffet, I have never seen food disappear so quickly. Things got even better my work sold in the first 3 days! Then life took a different turn and my dog got admitted to hospital for a virus and was on a drip for 2 days and the Saturday evening my Grandma had two strokes. Life can change in a second. I haven't got much to list this week, I have been very busy with work and helping the family.

i.  After Varnishing day, where I just stared at my own painting for an hour, I went to see the David Nash exhibition at Annely Juda Fine Art. He is the real deal when it comes to his practice. I strive to be an artist like him, he is so genuine and I find his work really honest. 

ii.  I really like the ceramics by Pottery West, they restocked their shop with some stunning pieces. I missed the boat on a bowl I wanted, their work sells out really quickly.

iii. The past two days I have been in London setting up my show at the Garden Museum. Seeing it all up has put my nerves to rest and I am really proud of the work. The private view is on Friday the 22nd of June at 6:30-8: 00 pm all welcome. While my work is on display they are having a giant installation of wildflowers! Can't wait. 

iv. I was very envious of a friend's recent trip to Jupiter Artland. A place I have wanted to go for years.

v. Can't really say I have been listening or watching anything intellectual this week, its all about Love island for me. From the Tv show to the podcast

vi. There is a programme that was on BBC Two (now on iplayer) of coverage of the Royal Academy. I make a cameo towards the end. There are actually three cameos by yours truly one of me with a look of fear as I desperately look for my painting, another shot of me helping myself to the buffet, and lastly one of me stood up on a bench taking a photo of the room. It all came as a surprise to me while watching it as I had no idea I was being filmed!

Picture: Studio Detail by Remco Merbis