Weekly Roundup No. 26


Compared to last week this week has been spent mainly at my desk. I am prepping my new newsletter to go out which will include my latest catalogue. I prefer doing a catalogue so much more these days as it makes everything more streamlined, so I can get back to creating new work. Also this week I am struggling to complete a commission at the moment. I find it hard enough living up to my own high standards but when I throw someone else's expectations for a piece of work then I am really in trouble. I have completed the piece weeks ago and have it hanging in the studio wrestling with the decision is it finished? Artist problems..... not really problems at all just madness mixed with a constant state of worry.

p.s for some reason my spell checker has decided not to work so this post is littered with spelling mistakes, enjoy!

i.  I ended the week at my favourite festival, Hay. There were so many talks I wanted to go to this year but settled on the 1st of June and crammed 4 talks in. 

Talk 1: Edzard Ernst talks to Rosie Boycott. This was extremely controversial, as he doesn't believe in alternative medicine. I like to see both sides of a coin, and found it extremely interesting.

Talk 2: Laura Carlin. I have always been a fan of her work she is an incredible illustrator. I tried to be an illustrator when I first came out of uni, you probably can still find some of my illustration work on google very colourful felt tip drawings. But I quickly found that even though I can draw I couldn't invent in the same way that an illustrator of Laura Carlin's talent can. 

Talk 3: Dave Evans. He and his friend wrote a book about desinging your life. It is an interesting theory not one I will be looking into as it wasn't for me.

Talk 4: Front Row Late, where Mary Beard was joined by actor Rose McGowan, writer Laurie Penny and novelist Kamila Shamsie. I thouroughly enjoyed this all incredeble woman I wish the talk had been longer. You can watch the episode here, as it was taped.

ii.  Also watched The Private Life of the Royal Acadamey on the BBC. Off to Varnishing Day tomorrow because of my painting getting into the Summer exhibition, I now have a different perspective on the place now after watching that. They are an interesting bunch.

iii. Really enjoying the book The Multi Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon.

Picture: Studio Detail by Remco Merbis