A day before 30

Photos of me.jpg

When searching for the above photo of me painting, it was the first time in ages I looked back through all my photos.  One thing I noticed was hundreds of attempts trying to create sellable items, from Christmas decorations to tote bags. Always avoiding creating ‘artwork’ it had to be a useful item that people would want. Even though from a young age, I have always been a painter and my mother can recall from the age of 4 I would have tantrums when we had to leave an art exhibition. My 10th Birthday I didn’t want a birthday party like the other children were having I wanted to go to the Tate Modern as it had just opened. How had I heard of the Tate Modern? I didn’t read the news so I look back it now as an instinct maybe a calling.  So this strong artist voice has always been there but growing up through adolescence and my twenties it got muddied now on the eve of turning 30 I feel I have become aligned with the artist within me again, confident in this is what I am meant to be doing.

For a long time I thought if I aimed at being a Cath Kidston figure creating an image and rolling it out so I could justify creating images, as it would be making money therefore mean it was a job.  That changed for me when people weren’t buying the cards I made and were asking for the original sketches and I thank those people who did that as it showed that the value was in my artwork and I didn’t have to hide behind ‘products’ I could be an artist in my own right.

I have been mulling over this post for a while, and have decided to share the lessons that have been most key for me. I have split them into three sections; Development, Key Points and Self.