Guide to : Sustainability in the studio


After watching Blue planet this year, I immediately readdressed what I was consuming at home. However I didn’t acknowledge the amount I use in the studio and for my business. Everything is quite natural or handmade in the studio already, but looking at my packaging It really struck me how I need to change things. I was sending out prints in individual plastic display bags. Using non bio degradable tape to wrap paintings up. One of my missions this year was to change as much as I can to do my part for the environment.

i. The major game changer has been switching all my packaging over so it is Eco-Friendly. I buy everything from Eco-Craft. Also when sending out prints if people have ordered more than one I will group the prints into one bio-degradable bag, to reduce the waste foot print even more.

ii.  I was trying to find an alternative to tubes without the plastic ends, came across these triangular cardboard postal tubes. I have shipped them all across the world they do work.

iii.  I use Opal Printing they are carbon balanced publication printer and use carbon balanced paper.

iv. With my collaboration with Esme Winter we used recycled paper for all the cards. The paper is made from recycling the residue from the industrial processing of coffee, nuts, olives, and kiwi fruit.

v.  Other papers I use for miscellaneous studio related stationary come from G F Smith extract range, which are recycled from paper cups.

vi. With work that is framed I need to use so much extra padding to protect it, I found biodegradable bubble wrap. The bubble film biodegrades within 12-24 month in land fill and the harmless residue matter is simply absorbed into the ground.

Picture : My studio, photo by Lucy Auge.

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