Guide to : Copenhagen

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Here is a run through of the places I visited and where I stayed in Copenhagen. A place which I have totally fallen in love with. I walked everywhere as I find thats the best way to take in a new place. I was only there for a few days but am already planning another trip to explore more. 

i. I struck Air BnB gold with this apartment, also right around the corner from Brod one of the best bakeries in town. Every morning I would get up and go grab breakfast to eat in the apartment.

ii.  SMK - National Gallery of Denmark has a huge collection of Danish artwork, some artists I was familiar with others totally new to me. It is a beautiful building and seeing how different the Danish artwork is was really inspiring. Very moving pieces. 

iii.  When visiting SMK you must have lunch at Kafeteria in the museum. The interior is stunning I adore the colour palette they have used and mixed with statues from the collection. And the food was one of the best meals I had on the trip.

iv. I am not interested in touristy things but I did go on a boat tour, which takes you down the canals and shows you all the main sights. I couldn't get over how dark blue the water was, and it is a great way to see the varying architecture of Copenhagen. 

v.  One of the days I made the trip to Louisiana, its 30 mins by train then a short work form the station. It is without a doubt one of my favourite places I have visited. Starting the day off drinking tea in their cafe looking across the sea to Sweden. Then going around the museum which has incredible work and exhibitions. And I can't not mention the shop, make time for that it has brilliant pieces from Danish makers. 

vi. As it was my birthday while I was there I did splurge on a meal and ate at Restaurant Kul. The food was so inventive and delicious. I love how seasonal Danish food is. 

vii. Rundetaarn also known as the round tower, is a great way to get a view across the city. Photo above was taken from the top.

viii. Two more breakfast places I visited, Grod and Wulff & Konstali

ix. Most days while walking back from where ever we had been we would stop at Sicliansk Is and get one of their gorgeous ice creams. Always different and always seasonal. There is a lovely little park over the road to go sit in. 

Picture : Iphone photo of mine from the top of Rundetaarn

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