Lessons Learned Part Three : Development



A roundup of lessons that I have discovered on growth.

i.Educate yourself. Never stop learning and you will never stop evolving. I am not saying you have to go take a degree. It is the little things like this week I learnt from my framer how to stretch paper. Now I will educate myself more on how to stretch paper. By learning new things my work starts to evolve naturally and will get better over time.

ii. Get out and see art exhibition’s. I am a firm believer in going to see the art. Also mix it up with exhibitions you want to see and ones you are not too keen on.

iii. Go to talks. Hay festival, book talks, panel discussions. Anything that makes your mind tick and makes you think in a different way to me is gold.

iv. Learn from your mistakes, this is how you grow. I have made huge mistakes, and they have slapped me hard in the face but wow did I grow from them. Mistakes aren’t failures they are just part of the process.

v.  Vary your inspirations. I don’t just look at art and nature, my inspirations come from all sorts. From packaging to film & TV, magazines, books and speaking to people and hearing their stories. I find this pushes me out of my comfort zone. 

vi.  You don’t have to do it all. I recently employed someone to design my catalogues for me. When you are a business of one doing everything means your focus is constantly spread. By having someone else do this one thing meant she could come at it with fresh eyes, and it also allowed me to see my work with fresh eyes.


Picture : Studio Detail by Remco Merbis