Weekly Roundup No. 24


This week I went to visit Dan Pearson and Huw Morgans, as I will be painting in their garden this summer. For me this is a dream come true, their garden is truly stunning. It is one of those places where there are varieties of plants that I have never seen before. I have my eye on Rosa Glauca and some other species which I can't write here as Huw told me their Latin names and I just nodded when he said them. Huw showed me around the garden and told me the different times and where shadows appeared. I could feel the cogs ticking in my mind as we went round, ideas or compositions that started to catch my eye. However, this didn't stop me talking none stop at both of them! Think it was the excitement of new paintings and talking to two fascinating people. 

i.  I was back at my etching class this week, I enjoy working with a different process. However, I have noticed how easy it is to make a mistake. I set out to make an edition of 50 for these etchings probably going to be an edition of 25 now, as I am yet to get one perfect one after 3 weeks! These etchings are all in preparation for The Bazaar London which I will have a stand at.

ii.  Next Wednesday I will be attending this talk in London about copyright hosted by Simmons & Simmons. I really recommend anyone who wants to educate themselves in copyright law to attend. 

iii.  Before the talk, I have booked to go see the new Rodin exhibition at the British Museum. I adore sculpture I hope to make sculptures of my own one day. 

iv. Been listening to Sparring Partner by Paolo Conte, an old favourite of mine. 

v. Treat to myself this week was this Gingham Baggu bag from Found.

vi. A new FREE magazine is circulating its way around Bath and it is called Circus Journal and it is beautifully designed with interesting articles in. Still can't get over that it is free! 

vii. Andalucia serving bowl has been ordered. Thank you Habitat.

viii. Finally other big news I have a 4-page editorial out in this months issue of Homes and Gardens. Casually slipped that in at the end.

Picture : Studio Detail by Remco Merbis