Weekly Roundup No. 23


This week was very productive I finally finished my paintings for the Garden Museum. I had to draw a line under the constant editing of the work in order to finish, otherwise, there would be nothing to display! So they have now gone off to get framed and I am currently underway working on the catalogue for it. Thursday night I attend an etching class, so I can work on a new series of etchings. I want to be making more limited edition pieces which work on my skills and are an extension of my existing works. So all prints and postcards I sell via Etsy have 25-50% off. I feel in transition at the moment. This feeling I have been told it's because of my Saturn returns as I turn 30 next month. And around that time you make a lot of changes. One of them being my decision to slowly close down my Etsy site so I can streamline everything into just selling my works via an online catalogue. I need to do this just to be able to manage everything better.

i.  I watched Call me by your name this week. I have totally fallen in love with it. It is one of the most romantic films I have watched in a long time.

ii. Also watched Trespass Against Us, on Netflix.

iii. A piece of music I have been listening to this week:  Cecil Armstrong Gibbs - Dusk

iv. A friend sent me this article on Damien Hirst and how he steals other peoples work. 

v. I am trying to be really conscious about how much plastic I use and even now when I pack up orders I see if I can group prints into one cello bag so I am not using up unnecessary amounts of packaging. Two companies I use to buy eco packaging from are Eco Craft and Kite Packaging. I buy the cardboard triangle tubes from Kite Packaging so I am not using the postal tubes with the plastic ends.

vi. If you are a very keen gardener like I am. The best plant fair is happening on the 6th of May at Great Chalfield Manor. It has loads of amazing plants, some very rare varieties of plants. 

Picture : Studio Detail by Remco Merbis