Weekly Roundup No. 22


I get sent on average about 2 messages a week of people highlighting other people copying me. I to send creative friends posts of work I have seen where people have copied. I do this as I know when you don't keep on top of it, the copy cats can effect your business. Producing the same work as you, and then one stage further I have had people in the past printing out my work and selling it, so there is a use to knowing your copycats. So I highlighted a current copycat on my stories and got trolled for it saying "who do you think you are you don't own the tulip shadow! get a fucking life! you pretentious idiot!' I got six people writing to me condemning me and my action to post that screenshot of the work online. As I said on average two pieces of work a week I get sent and I don't post them all up, as it gets boring. I saw red this time maybe just one to many images. I am only human at the end of the day, and after a while letting it all roll of my back doesn't work. So I have thought if you read this and have seen some horrendous copy of my work, someone really going full on Lucy Auge style, just email me direct write in the subject header 'copy' and then when I am in a calm place I will look at it and know if I need to take action, as the constant bombardment via instagram is really starting to take its toll.

Onto lighter news...

i.  Saw two brilliant exhibitions as Messums Wiltshire, Tim Harrisons sculptures in the barn had a wonderful Zen feeling to it. I would love to own a piece of his work.

ii. Ate at Pythouse Kitchen garden which is round the corner, serves wonderful food.

iii. Sunday I was dropping my work off at Lunaria in Bruton. I got to have a sneak peak and I can tell you now the space is going to be stunning. There is an opening event in the evening on Friday the 27th all welcome.

iv. I am devouring everything by Jon Ronson at the moment, currently reading So you have been publicly shamed.

v. After hearing about this book from podcasts, how to break up with your phone is also on my reading list. I know I am not addicted to my phone as I decided not to have one for a year and it was bliss, what I am addicted to is my to do list trying to get everything done, which leads me to being on my phone way to much.

vi. I have split my large daffodil panels up as I am desperate for the room in my studio so there are approx 30 original daffodils now online.

Picture : Studio Detail by Remco Merbis