Weekly Roundup No. 21


I had two visitors to the studio this week. The first was Debs from Lunaria who is setting up a pop up shop in Bruton and my work will feature around her beautiful installations, more info on that soon. The second visitor or should I say visitors was a herd of escaped cows from a few fields over, who came and trampled on all my flower beds and left enormous cow pats everywhere. Lovely. 

i. Finally settled on one of the pieces for the Garden Museum exhibition and worked on that all week. Listened to the stress relief podcast by Spotify which kept my mind at peace, so much so I fell asleep at my desk. 

ii.  Esme Winter will be part of this super trendy line up of people at this new fair called Ensemble. Not sure if fair is the right word to use. Either way I want to go but work commitments won't allow, please report back. 

iii.  I emailed everyone on my newsletter list a 'save the date' for the private view which is on the 22nd of June. I had such a lovely response from it. Do check your junk as the invite probably went there, if not email me and I will send one along to you. 

iv.  Booked my tickets for Hampton Court Flower show. My friend has designed one of the gardens this year, very excited to see it. 

v.  Forest, Field & Sky: Art out of Nature with Dr James Fox is one of my favourite art documentaries. Can't even remember how many times I have watched it. 

vi. Saw Hardihoods new recommend page on their website, so many good recommendations! 

vii. Bought myself Gardens Illustrated to read on my afternoon off. Really good issue, so many interesting articles. If I buy a magazine these days it has got to have content not just stylish photos. Happy for Polly of Bayntun Flowers whose garden is on the cover.  I painted a mural on her greenhouse wall many moons ago. 

Picture : Photo via Esme Winter of one of the cards from our collaboration.