Weekly Roundup No. 20


I am writing this post at 12:30am as I didn't read the label on a pack of paracetamol. The pills I took I didn't realise it was paracetamol + caffeine! So I am wide awake, and also annoyingly still have the head ache. Always read the label..... On to studio life I am bouncing from idea to idea for my work for the Garden Museum. It has all changed again, started painting shadows of flowers, then by Thursday changed again to tree shadows after visiting Westonbirt Arboretum. Then was unable to do any work as my migraine was so bad, totally bed ridden. Thinking about it now could be because of these pills, as my body is useless with caffeine. With all this idea bouncing around does make me think how much more time I would like just to experiment, really play around with ideas to flesh it out see where it goes. Instead of feeling every piece has to be a final piece, so that I can complete my deadlines. I spend about 6 hours a day on a good week painting and working on ideas and still never feel I have experimented to my full potential. Then again maybe an artists life is one big experimentation, with the work always being tweaked and the final piece is just the artists body of work on a whole? deep thoughts I know, but its late and I am buzzing with unwanted caffeine in my system.

i. Watched the film Breathe this week. I love a film about determination. This couple were real outliers.

ii.  I haven't seen Isle of Dogs yet but listening to Wes Anderson talk about it on the Adam Buxton podcast makes me want to see it. Wes mentioned his inspirations for the film came partly from Hokusai and Hayo Miyazakii. I am interested to see how these two filter into his work, as they are big inspirations to me too.

iii.  Last year I planted about 100 molinia in front of my studio, as they provide interest though out the year. While they got going I scattered a load of wildflower seeds in between to grow alongside the molinia. I have never had any luck with wildflowers so was shocked when they came up and then proceeded to take over. The molinia suffered big time, but wildflowers were  so beautiful and looked great in the photoshoots I had last year. Long story just to get to this point that I bought lots of nasturtium seeds to grow in front of the studio this year. I know nasturtiums can take over too, so I plan on growing them close to the path so they can trail along. I found some really interesting varieties via Thompson Morgan :  Chameleon actually changes colour!

iv.  Esme Winter have done it again! They have created a gift box of the complete collection of our letterpress collaboration. I love the details they think of, like the Japanese tissue paper the cards are wrapped in, and then presented in a dusk pink box. 

v.  This weeks episode of 'get it off your breasts', was a particularly good one. The bit that spoke to me most was about culture snobs. Nearly along the same lines over on another podcast called in other words, an interview with the art critic Jerry Saltz. He spoke about the current curator art movement, how art critics are a dying breed, and the reason we need to be shown more art that is being created now in the main galleries. Stop reading my journal and go listen.

vi. Cos creates a free magazine* and this issue had an interview with Piet Oudolf was an interesting read.

*hope it was free as i just walked out the shop with it.

vii. Album playing this week Capablanca by Golden Retriever. Favourite track, Hawaiian Tropic.

Picture : Studio detail by Remco Merbis