Weekly Roundup No. 19


Earlier in the week I sent out my press release for the Garden Museum to edit and look over, confident in the work that I will be creating. Four days later I have changed my whole show, everything I had done scraped, and have moved on to something totally different. I am now working on pieces that reflect my trip to Thailand in January. I had previously been focusing on tree shadows here in Britain, but honestly the weather has been terrible and all the work looks like lines on a page, as everything is still in its winter dormancy. I keep trying to make Beech happen but it just isn't. 6 hours solidly each day I have been in the studio, working with the photos I have taken in Thailand, and I am excited by it. The work looks tropical but also abstract at the same time. I was very proud of the work, snapped a quick picture and sent it to my nearest and dearest. I have a rule once it is in the frame then show people for the reason that follows, people make you doubt yourself. Some I got one word messages like stunning, others woah that is different, another so you are painting grasses now? (they are not grasses I am painting palm trees) . Totally shaken that it suddenly isn't my best work and totally disregarding the extremely positive comments I got, I am kicking myself that I broke my rule of showing people my work before I am fully happy with it. I know I was seeking validation as the show is such a big event for me this year but for the remaining time till now and the show, I will just keep my mouth shut.

i. The podcast I most enjoyed this week was Fearne Cottons Happy Place, I have been listening every week to this podcast, she has an effortless interviewing style.

ii.  A highlight of 2017 was going to Hay festival for the very first time, and I have been waiting for the programme to come out ever since. I can't wait to attend this year. 

iii.  In one sitting I watched the entire season of 'The end of the F**king World'. It is dark but total cool all at the same time. I have always loved Jessica Barden as an actress I think she is so talented. 

iv.  Go follow The Bazaar London instagram page. It is a one day event focusing on independent makers and designers, happening on the 30th of June. I am taking part, hoping to show some new etchings I will be creating for the event. 

v.  It is Easter when I am writing this, got to mention the best chocolate treats in the world. Salted Caramel Superior Seagull eggs by Rococo.

Picture : Photo of my tulip works taken by Esme Winter for our greeting card collaboration.