Weekly Roundup No. 18


On Wednesday I drove to London to collect my work from Botany since the show has now finished. We have decided to make it an annual event that every January I have an exhibition there. Botany were saying how it has been their most popular event, which really brought a smile to my face. Also I really like showing at Botany it is such a positive experience. One of my biggest lessons I have learnt in life is to follow the love, by working with people who genuinely like your work and you, it has always lead me to my most successful carer moves. 

This week I have also decided I will not be selling original works on Etsy anymore and it will be via catalogue request only. I will keep the etsy site open for my prints and cards etc. But from now on I will be focusing all my energies on one output from where people will receive what work is available. Purely to make my life easier and also twice now I have seen people printing off my work from etsy to have for themselves, or using it in ways I haven't authorised.

i. While in London I also met up with my friend Amy Merrick at Violets Bakery.  Violets is such a great pit stop, I stocked up on treats for my drive back to Bath. 

ii.  Watched this nice film on Netflix called The Only Living Boy in New York. Makes me want to visit New York again.

iii. 8 hours I spent in the car on Wednesday because of the drive too and from London the traffic was intense! I listened to new podcasts I found via the Gutsy Website .

iv. Fell down an instagram rabbit hole and came across this time lapse video of flowers and movement on FloraStarkeys page. Not quite sure what this video is for but I know I like it.

v.  A Cedric Morris exhibition will be on at the Garden Museum same time as my exhibition. Very excited about this, as I really adore his paintings. 

vi. I have taken part with Etsy's Worldwide Spring sale, and am offering 10% off all orders over £10. Go treat yourself.

Picture : Photo of my studio by Remco Merbis.