Weekly Roundup No. 17


The other day I was painting in the studio, sun would shine in for 30 mins then move off for another hour. I set up outside to paint and then the hail came. I had planned to paint outside today, but looked out the window everything covered in snow again! I have this idea I want to pull off for the Garden Museum show, but the way the weather is going, the leaves wont be back till May and I set up on the 13th of June. It is too risky just to wait for the weather to improve. So I am trying to think of other ways to produce the work and to cut the pressure I am piling on myself. For now I am settling on Beech trees, they have retained their leaves and are all crisp but they still cast wonderful shapes. I am looking into lighting to mimic the sun as it is none existent! It is testing my creativity as I am not working with what I know works (sun light & birch trees), and because it is such a big event I am working towards it is making me anxious.

i. Podcasts this week:

  • Goop podcast really looking forward to seeing who the other guests will be, as I have really enjoyed the first two episodes.
  • Makers Broadcast, sad that there is only 7 episodes.
  • Created Fm, can be found on podcast app, but again this one didn't continue.

ii.  On my hunt for leaves to draw I ended up at Chew Valley Trees. Rows of beautiful trees in their dormancy. I wanted to get something pot bound so I can study it from all angles but the beech they had were too tall. However I will pop back there for future blocks of work, they had some incredible specimens.

iii. I counted 5 workwear jackets that I own. All are covered in paint but I did spot this one by Vetra I would like to add to my collection. I am particularly drawn to it as its the same company that produced jackets for the French resistance. 

iv. To live a life - First Aid Kit. Play count 10,0000 times!

v.  Day trip on Saturday got as far as Tetbury as the snow started to come. No matter I got as far as Domestic Science one of my favourite shops.

vi. More and more articles following artists being copied by large companies. H&M tried to steal rights to graffiti. Also this other story following George Asda taking a saying from Scamp and Dude. What I find disgusting about this one was that the saying was stolen from a brand that was helping kids who had sick parents!! I do feel change is afoot. 

vii. I have a friend who after I tell them some good news says things to me like, 'I suppose you sell so much on etsy as people have so much money who go on there they don't know what they are buying'. a) I realise now not a very nice friend but also a jellyfisher. I devoured the book 'The F word' in one day and read about jellyfisher's . Ever confused about your friendships read this book.

viii. Treated myself to this set of candles a collab between the London Honey Company and Leach pottery. Tick and tick.

Picture : Photo of my studio by Remco Merbis.