Weekly Roundup No. 16

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 15.51.54.png

This week was taken up completing a large Birch tree panel for a client. It is huge and I am very proud of it.  I was also busy with the store takeover at Ollie and Quinn, I set this up on Thursday. It was for international women's day, OQ were hosting a worldwide art exhibition across all their boutiques to highlight women in the arts. I created some tulip prints for the event, I just wanted to experiment with colours and new printing techniques. There was a time when I would paint in white ink, so I sourced a printer who could print white ink. It is not as simple as I thought, took a few experiments to get it up to my stupidly high standards I set for my work, but I think they turned out really well. Now all my focus is on the garden museum show, I am feeling very anxious how time is rushing by so quickly. 

i. Wood and Meadow asked if they could stock some of my postcards. Once you see their online shop you will see why I said yes. 

ii.  One thing the copying saga has made me do is research like a mad women how best protect my work. Someone mentioned the Design trust to me. It has excellent articles written which are a great read for creatives in business. 

iii.  I am running an in store competition at Ollie and Quinn to win an A2 Hydrangea poster of mine. In my mind this also gave me the excuse to buy this stoneware vase from Arket, as I needed to put the entries in something right?!?

iv. The V&A have an exhibition on at the moment : Into the woods: Trees in Photography . I went to see it on Wednesday. It has been my favourite exhibition I have seen this year. It was so well curated, and the photos were incredible. I know its probably because I am in a phase where tress are my muse, but the show really gave me a buzz of how photgraphy can be so experimental and skilful. I was sad to see there was no book or postcards for the show. They said its because it was a free exhibition.

v.  I prefer reading blogs again these days, as apposed to scrolling my instagram feed. I enjoy reading Danielle Coppermans. Like mine I enjoy anyone who has a story to tell and a list of recommendations I can seek out and try new things. 

vi. Gardner's world is back on tv! I am probably more excited then most people about this. I especially enjoyed the first episode where Monty Don highlights the use of plastic in the garden and how he wants to cut down on this.  On a less gardening note, anyone else noticed what great style Monty Don has? he is a source of style inspiration to me haha! 

Picture : Photo of my studio by Remco Merbis.