Weekly Roundup No. 15


I am having some new prints made for the OQ shop take over on the 8th of March (next week!). Covering the shop in prints, literally huge panels of prints to mimic my large installations. However there was a delay with getting the tests through, then the paper I had chosen originally, the white ink wasn't sticking on the page?!? So back to picking out colours it is now Wednesday, paper to be at printers on Thursday. And then the snow came... G F Smith delivery delayed, the printers are closed. Monday said to print? then the prints still have to be delivered? Will I make it in time for Thursday! who knows. I am coming up with back up plans, on what I can do instead, just incase I have nothing on the day to show. Did I mention the studio also had a leak this week? and my A2 hydrangea prints aren't printed yet either! I am an organisation freak so this week has definitely given me an eye twitch. I have to say though the unexpected snow days, were a welcome break. The landscape resembled something out of Siberia. I adore the snow, and thought it would be nice to walk to the studio as I have never done it. And as I couldn't drive because the roads were closed thought it would be nice to get out of the house. The walk turned into something of an arctic expedition. The gusts of wind had made the path very unpredictable in places, ice in some spots, 4ft deep snow in others. By car it is a 15 min drive from my house. By foot in the snow it took me just over an hour. The wind was freezing, and walking up the steep track to the studio the high hedges had obviously caused a funnel for the wind and it had created 8ft snow drifts. When I arrived I have never been happier to see my studio. The leak that had got fixed on Tuesday, hadn't come back which was my worry with all the weight of the snow, thats why I trekked out. I didn't stay long got my token studio in snow picture and walked back. Took 2 hours on the way back as I had to go another way as the wind had picked up and made the track unbearable and I was scared one of the drifts were going to collapse on me. It was an epic journey and I loved every minute, was so exciting. I have saved my snow adventure onto my instagram highlights if you want to take a look. 

i. I have signed up to Vero, read about it on Me & Orla's blog.

ii.  Hello cool new self care range called Wilder Botanics. I approve of the packaging also.

iii.  Keeping my energy and health up by limiting my sugar intake. But I like a sweet treat in the evening. So bought the Hardihoods book Raw Cake. I love their creations so much. One day I will get them to do canapés at one of my private views. 

iv. Currently lusting over this Over-dyed Military Liner from Wolf & Gypsy Vintage. 

v.  Due to snow, I think like most people I have been cruising the internet. Spotted this beaded tote from Urban Outfitters. Would get it but I already have a striped tote arriving from Arket. Can never have too many totes. 

vi. When I go to visit Kettles yard later this year, also making a beeline for the Fitzwilliam museum , for the Studio Pottery exhibit. 'This exhibition is the largest of its kind in recent times, with over 100 historic and contemporary ceramics by potters including Bernard Leach, Lucie Rie, Hans Coper, Edmund de Waal, Alison Britton, Grayson Perry and Julian Stair.'

vii. Discovered this song by Steve Benjamins when it came up on my instagram feed as an ad! the only ad I have ever enjoyed seeing in my feed. Had this song on repeat all week. 

Picture : Photo of my studio by Remco Merbis.