Weekly Roundup No. 14


I have had a lovely time working in the studio this week, on pieces that will be in my Garden Museum exhibition in June. However I am feeling vulnerable about what happened with the big company copying my work and that they have someone mimicking my style to make a bit of cash. I have decided to become even quieter of what I am doing. No videos of what I am working on, no insight till its out there in the world with my name proudly beside it. For now until I decide what else can be done this is how I feel I want to protect me and my work. 

i. This week I have also been working on a large commission for a client at the moment and I am noticing how my sumi ink I am using drys up in everything but enamelware. I have been eyeing up these Falcon enamelware sauce trays as a solution. 

ii.  Bought this Ikea Jug and a stick of charcoal for the studio, as my water keeps going stagnant. I don't have running water at the studio, so this is the reason behind my constant searching for water solutions. 

iii.  Podcast I found really useful this week was Blogtacular. The episode on GDPR. If you have a mailing list you need to listen to this. 

iv. Victoria Smith of  Sf girl listed me in her 12 best of etsy blog post. I love reading her blog so I was really chuffed to see this. 

v.  Collect was on at the Saatchi gallery this week. I have always wanted to go, and since my friends Forest and Found were exhibiting there it just seemed perfect timing. The skill the people at the show have is incredible. The dedication to some of these pieces were outstanding, it puts some of the works at art fairs I have visited to shame. 

vi. Never been to the Camden art centre before I was thoroughly impressed. They have a wonderful exhibition on by Giorgio Griffa. His paintings were so happy and full of life. As minimal as they were the size gives you a big impact. 

vii. I saw that the Freud museum was down the road so I decided to pop in. He has a woodcut of Hokusai Mount Fuji on the wall. It was also fascinating to see the amount of objects he had collected, from different cultures mainly Egypt. 

ix. Planning a trip in July to Houghton Hall to see Damien Hirsts exhibition of new paintings. I do recommend again listening to him on the Guardian beginnings podcast where he speaks about how he got annoyed when someone used to describe his work as decorative. 

x. Can't stop watching this speech of Emma Gonzalez demanding gun control

Picture : Photo of my studio by Remco Merbis.