Weekly Roundup No. 13


So this week emotionally has been overshadowed by the copying saga ( see above post). However I am still working hard getting things together, for various events coming up. I have teamed up with OQ for a pop up event for international women's day on the 8th of March, I am taking over their Bristol store with prints and large scale prints of my work.

i. I was also working in Bristol using Studio Cottons photography studio, my photos are still shit, so I am now signing up to skill share to see if I can learn something that can help me get better at photographing pieces for my shop.

ii.  Perks of working in Bristol was being able to have lunch at Eatchu.

iii.  I am totally addicted with the winter olympics.  These athletes are incredible. I cry when they win, I cry when they don't win. All of it is fantastic. 

iv. Late to the party but I am really enjoying reading The Pool every morning as my daily insight to current affairs. 

v. Podcasts this week have been, Ctl alt Dlt interview with Greta Gerwig. Whose seen Ladybird? I havent gotten round to it yet. And for making me laugh so much i started listening to the Private Parts podcast.

Picture : Photo of my studio by Remco Merbis.