Weekly Roundup No. 12


I can confirm that this summer I will be having an exhibition at the Garden Museum in London, 4 June -22 July. I am excited but also nervous, as it is a gear up in location as its a museum. I have some lovely ideas for the work, so from now till end of May really I have to be ruthless with my time to get these works done. On that note I have become that person who is late at responding to emails. Not sure if a week is too long, but that is my delay at the moment. It ties in with the amount of time I also spend on instagram I think in total it adds up to around 3 hours probably more. That to I will become ruthless with, responding to messages at certain times of the day. Anyone else have to do this? Better time management is what I am feeling will be my task for this year. 

i. 'You’ll buy a painting for £500 because you like it, but you’ll spend £5,000 on a painting because somebody else likes it.' This is an extract from an article I read in the Daily telegraph, talking about the madness of the art world. For me articles like this makes me want to change jobs.

ii.  I dropped in some of my floral scroll works into Quercus Galleries pop up at The Bath framers on the London road in Bath. She will be displaying and selling these.  The show runs  from the 7th February - 3rd March.

iii.  After I have set up and my show in June I plan to go visit Kettles Yard in Cambridge. I have never been to Cambridge, but it has been on my list for years. Now it has reopened sure it will be horrendously busy but I am still excited to go. 

iv. I listened to a brilliant podcast this week with Sabine Zetteler, talking on the Woman Who podcast. Sabine is the founder of the PR agency Zetteler who works with the creative industry. I listen to a few podcasts about PR but for once this was tailored to the creative agency so it was extremely useful. 

v. This week I have been watching, Flatpack Empire, a behind the scenes programme about Ikea. 

vi. Been marking out seeds I want to buy from Sarah Raven. Last year I went full on wildflowers, they did so well in front of my studio it took over the Molinia. I spent so much money on the Molinia I wont be planting any wildflowers this year.  I will dot some poppies around them and a few Lagrus ovatos & Polypogon Monspeliensis just to fill the gaps, while the Molinia recovers from last year.

vii. End this post with something beautiful. A video of a starling murmuration.

Picture : Esme Winter

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